130 Years of Kingdom Work and Continuing by God's Grace

(copied from booklet_)Macedonia Baptist Church

Historical Events
100 Years & Growing

The Macedonia Baptist Church’s origin began in the 1800’s.

A group began having services under a brush arbor under the Knob Creek Bluff, which many know as the Henning Farm, now known as the Knob Creek Farm.
The first revival, a union one, was held in Edith in a cotton gin before the equipment was put in. In 1888, Johnny Carson organized the first church and named Macedonia.  He preached in Providence School House, located across the road in front of what is now M J. Reece’s home, before the church was built. In 1888, the first Baptist Church, a small frame building, was built 11/2 miles east of Edith on the land now owned by R. C. Belton.

The first pastor’s name on record was the Rev. J.D. Mitchell. Not having all the records, this information has been gathered from different sources. These are the Charter members to the best of our knowledge: Mr. and Mrs. Will Cunningham, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Akins, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Pickens, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Keltner, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Clay, Mr. and Mrs. George W. Crews, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jennings, Mr. and Mrs. John Lusk, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Galyean, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Pipkin, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Morris, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cheek, Mr. and Mrs. J. Scheniger and Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Crihfield. It is believed there were others not known of now. George Crews, grandson of one of the charter members, told how the family would load a wagon with everyone that wanted to go to church the Sunday it met for service. He said that when big meeting time came, after service one would invite everyone to go home with them and sometimes many more than one might image would accept.

In 1920, the automobile came to the community, which began to change modes of travel. Time moved forward, with difficult days still.  The church had services once a month, with some one going several miles to meet the train to bring the preacher into the community to preach on Sunday, then carrying him back to the train on Monday to see him return to his home until another preaching Sunday. In 1911, another church was built, being a wood frame church but larger than the first church. The preachers serving this period of time were: Rev. J.A. Mitchell,(no date), Rev. Cliff, (no date), Rev. T.E. Williams, 1927-1920; Rev. C.M. Simmons, 1920-1924; Rev. L.K. Crocker, 1924-1929 (twice pastor); Rev. E.M. Brogdon, 1929-1931; Rev. H.P.Tayor, 1931-1932; Rev. A. A. Wood, 4/10/32-10/9/32; Rev. C.M. Simmons, 1932-1935 (twice pastor); Rev C.L.Brown, 1935-1941; and Rev. J.G.Cooper 1943-1948.

In 1930, the Macedonia Baptist Church joined the Dyer Baptist Association. In 1943, the Rev. John W. Seaton was elected pastor, and under his ministry, the old church was moved to Edith. On the site where the present day church stands, in 1945 a lot was given by Dewey Crihfield and another framed church was built, being larger than ever before, with class rooms on the sides. Later, and addition was added with a basement to add more space for classrooms. A year later, a parsonage was built on the ground given by Mrs. Lou Pace.  During this time, the church went full-time service for the first time. Those serving after this date were: Rev. John Henderson, 1948-1949; Rev. L.D.Kennedy, 1949-1952; Rev. Virgie Tarvin, 1952-11/30/52; Rev. Parker Hwy, 1953-1954; Rev. L.D.Kennedy, 1955-1958 (twice pastor); Rev Carl Viniard, 1958-1963; Rev. Bill Davie, 1963-1965; Rev. J.D. Cooper, 1966-1968; Rev. Houston Northcutt, 6/21/68-4/3/69; Rev. Otis Shultz 10/30/69-6/13/70; Rev. W.J. Clayton, 1970-1971; Rev. C.H.Wroton, 1972-1980; and Rev. Jerrell Dawson 1980-.

Deacons serving since about 1940 to the present date - 1988: Bob Pickens (decease), John Jennings (deceased), George Ashworth (deceased), I.W.Pace (deceased), Dewey Crihfield (deceased) M.J. Reece (now a member of another church), Floyd Beard (now a member of another church), Edwin Johnson (now a member of another church). Present day deacons: R.A. Bentley, Joe M. Crihfield, Brady Keltner, Charles A Harrison, T.L. Crihfield, Harvey Webb, J.T. Hunt, Marvin Wilson, Don Ray, Johnny Land, Charles Randle, and H. P. Webb.

During the ministry of Rev. Parker Hay,Dave Smith, Jr., was ordained to preach. During the ministry of Rev. Bill Davie, David Ellis was licensed to preach but never ordained. It was during the ministry of Rev. Bill Davie that the new pastorium was built, on the ground sold to the church by Mr. and Mrs. I.W. pace. During the ministry of Rev. W.J. Clayton, Larry Jackson was ordained to preach.

On Sept. 7 1970, the church voted to enter into a building program to build a new church.  It had not done much about it until the Rev. C.H. Wroten was called as a pastor in 1972. After he was elected in July 1972, the church began to go forward with its plans, with Brother Wroten, the pastor, the building committee, and the deacon body, day by day, step by step, watching each detail as the church building was being erected, until a dream has become a reality. On Oct. 7 1973, we dedicated the building and its entire entirety to the Lord that it would always serve the purpose set out by our Lord.

Revised from Church History of 1973 by Mrs. James (Katie) Chisholm;

1974 - Choir Mission to the Lauderdale County Nursing Home began.  Paid off the note for the black-topping of the Church parking area.  Purchased new vacuum cleaner and stainless flatware for the fellowship basement.

1975 – The Median Adult Sunday School Class gave a Thomas Organ to the Church.  Acteens and leaders Carolyn Ammons & Martha Land attend the National Acteens Convention in Memphis.

1976 – A Great Year the Church paid off the Church Note and celebrated with a Special Note Burning Service.

1977 – The Church Ordained two new Deacons: Bro. Don Ray, and Bro. Johnny Land.  Audio-Visual Film Equipment was purchased.  Remodeled the Fellowship Basement.

1978 – Purchased a New Bus and started a Bus ministry.  Hired Bro. David Brandon as Music and Youth Director.  Sent the Pastor, Bro. C.H. Wroten and Mrs. Wroten on a tour of the Holy Lands.
1979 – Sponsored Pastor & wife and the Music & Youth Director on a trip to the Southern Baptist Convention.  Sponsored Music and Youth Director (David Brandon) on a Mission to Montana. David Brandon surrendered to the Mission field.
1980 – David Brandon resigned as Music & Youth Director and Steven Martin was called to lead the Music & Youth.  Bro. C.H. Wroten resigned and a native Lauderdale Countian, Bro. Jerrell Dawson, was called as Pastor.  Bro. Manuel & Darthy Valadez surrendered to the Mission Field.    
1981 – Bro Manuel Valedez was Ordained to the Ministry, Monthly Choir Mission was expanded to the Care-Inn Nursing home.
1982 - Steven Martin resigned as Minister of Music & youth and Bro. C.A. Harrison served as Music Director.
1983 – Bro. Danny Hutcherson was ordained to the Ministry. Bro. Eddie Ray was licensed to the Ministry.
1984 - Bro. Kevin Dobbs was called as Music & Youth Director.  Bro Eddie Ray was ordained to the ministry.
1985 – Licensed Bro. David Hardy to the Ministry.  Ordained Bro. David Brandon, form Music & Youth Director to the Ministry.  Started a Crisis Closet & Food Closet for the needy.
1986 – Bro. Kevin Dobbs resigned as Music & Youth Director.  Former Pastor Bro. Seaton passed away.
1987- A smaller Bus was purchased to help with the Bus Ministry.  Two new Deacons were ordained, Bro. Charles Randle and Bro. H.P. Webb.  Bro Jason Sargent was called as Music & Youth Director.
1988 – Bro Jason Sargent resigned as Music & Youth Director and Bro. Russel Rowland was called.

100 years and still growing in the Lord.  We have seen many changes from the humble beginnings in 1888.  We are now madern in every way yet we are still the same Bible believing, Go-fearing, trusting in Jesus to keep us and use us to carry on his plan for years to come asking Him to continue to bless us and use us to reach others in Love until the day he calls us home.

There is much still remaining for Macedonia Baptist Church to do.  We are praising God and asking that he lead us in the way he has for us to go.  We ask that he continue to help us reach out through the many programs of the Church to those around us not just here at Edith, but all of Lauderdale County, the State, the Home Mission programs and the Foreign Mission program.  May we do this in love because Christ first loved us and continues to love us.

On the special Centennial Celebration Day, We Praise You Father and THANK YOU for saving us, keeping us, and allowing us to serve you in our daily walk.  Bless each and every member and guest and thank you for building the church stronger as we labor together for your honor and glory. 

                                             History Committee

                                              Katie Chisholm, Martha Land
Pastor - Bro.  Jerrell Dawson

Current Deacons: Bro. T. L. Crihfield, Sr. (Deceased); Bro. Jube Hunt; Bro. Marvin Wilson; Bro. Don Ray (Deceased); Bro. Johnny Land; Bro. Charles Randle (Deceased); Bro. H.P. Webb; Bro. Joe Crihfield (Deceased)

Macedonia Baptist Church
Historical Events cont’d
1990 – 2013

1990 – Family Life Center dedicated. Began Senior Group ministry (2011). Andy Milamas called Music/Youth Director.
1991 – Bro Jerrell Dawson Pastor resigned; Bro H K Sorrell served as Interim
1992 – Called Bro Wayne Rowan as Pastor (resigned 1994); Kenneth Coleman called Music/Youth Director (resigned 1994); Voted to install stain glass windows (2011)
1993 – Ordained Charles Randle as ministry – to service at Hales Point Baptist; Purchased a new Van; Macedonia group helped with mission in flood disaster at Cape Gerordiou MO; Bro and Mrs. Dave Smith returned for Homecoming speaker
1994 – Note burning for payment of new van; Called L. D. Kennedy as Interim; David Fowlkes called Music/Youth (resigned 1998); Bro Stephen Williams called as Pastor (resigned 1998)

1994 – Miss Patsy Crihfield member mission trip to Chile

1995 – Began Hispanic ministry with Bro Manuel Valadez
1995 - Michael Murray came as Youth Director (resigned 1996);  Bro. L D. Kennedy honored and given title as Pastor Emeritus
1996 – Purchased a new Baldwyn organ – Bill Kelley played on dedication day. Bro L. D. Kennedy celebrates 50th year in ministry with church reception; Mother’s Day Offerings to go to Children’s Home; 2nd Sunday in October to go World Hunger; Called Matt Willard as Youth Director (resigned 1997)
1997 – Mission trip to Mexico with Bro Manuel Valedez, Ed Ray; HP & Pat Webb; Matt Willard; Bro Stephen Williams; Jerry (Buddy) Jackson; Mrs.Toles; Called Trey McClain as Youth Director (resigned 1998)

1998 – Purchased hearing impaired system for sanctuary and built handicap ramp; Ron Radcliffe call as Music/Youth Director (resigned 2001)
1999 – Bro Abe Silliman call as Pastor (resigned 2006); Began Hands Team Ministry; Awanna Program began (ended 2007)
2000 – Installed lighted sign in front of church in parking lot; Began ESL Class and Church Pantry
2001 – Mission trip to Old Mexico
2002 – Satellite signs built and installed at various locations; Purchased # 2 Van for ministry; Called Dean Armour as Music/youth Director (resigned 2005)
2003 – Macedonia Baptist established as Corporation
2004 – Bro. Marvin Wilson and Bro. Manual Valadez – mission trip to Mexico
2005 – Church began Jerusalem Project; Purchased security safe; Purchased 1998 van for ministry; Macedonia Baptist history featured in local paper, Enterprise, in the Tomato Festival issue
2006 – Bro Brandon Lindsey call as Pastor (resigned 2010); Phillip Herron call as Music/Youth Director (letter 2008)
2007 – Construction on new breezeway between the sanctuary and Family Life Center
2008 – Africa Mission trip – Pastor Brandon Lindsey; Terry Uselton; Raymond Edwards; WMU & Church purchased a laptop for Union University students lost in tornado; Voted to allow Father’s Day offering to go the Baptist Adult Home
2009 – Called Josh Escue as youth Director (resigned 2012); Began Sanctuary renovation (completed 2010) with installation of new sound; equipment and stained glass windows; Ray Stover called as Music Director (present); Refurbished Nursery and Family Life Center
2011 – Renovation of parsonage; Called Bro Michael Crandall as Pastor (Resigned 2014); Ronnie Jackson and David Hardee ordained as Deacons; Called Glen Beard as Music/Youth (resigned 2012)
2012 – First African Americans were baptized into Macedonia fellowship
2013 – Three new signs built to replace old ones at various locations; Began Wednesday night meal before prayer service
2016 - Called Bro. Charles McKendree as Pastor (Present)
Provided by Judy Archie Dunaway, Church Clerk

Pastors from 1988 – to present date 2017: 

Bro Jerrell Dawson (1980-1991); Bro Wayne Rowan (1992-1994); Bro Stephen Williams (1994-1998); Bro Abe Silliman (1999-2006); Bro. Brandon Lindsey (2006-2010); Bro Michael Crandall (2011-2014); Bro. Charles McKendree (2016-Present)

Deacons serving 1988 to present date November 2013
R.A. Bentley,(dec’d); Joe M. Crihfield,(dec’d);  Brady Keltner,(dec’d); Charles A Harrison (dec’d); T.L. Crihfield (dec’d);, Harvey Webb (dec’d); J.T. Hunt (dec’d); Marvin Wilson, Don Ray (dec’d), Johnny Land, Charles Randle (member of another church), H. P. Webb, Ronnie Jackson, Craig Ray and David Hardee.